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Title : A Khazend'l In Amerike
Year : 1927
That comic song, with piano accompaniment, is a very interesting parody of the popular Yiddish song "A Khasend'l Oyf Shabes"
Title : A Lesson In Liebe
Year : 1926
We don't know anything about this song. If you have the name of the operetta which contains this song, or another thing, please contact us.

Title : Lekovid Shabes
Year : ca. 1922
In this Hebrew-Yiddish song , Aaron Lebedeff is accompanied by the orchestra of the composer Louis Friedsell, who made arrangements for Lebedeff in this era.

Title : A Khasene In Tzikhev
Year : 1929
This songs talks about a Jewish wedding in the shtetl of Tzichev. The famous clarinetist Dave Tarras plays in the orchestra

Title : Az Men Farzikht, Oy S'iz Git
Year : 1941
This song has been composed by Sholem Secunda, and, like all the recordings of this era, Dave Tarras plays in the orchestra (of Secunda).

Title : Di Grine Lina
Year : 1923
This parody of the Abe Schwartz's popular song Di Grine Kuzine is by Louis Gilrod. Peretz Sandler and his orchestra are accompanying Lebedeff.

Title : Dos Oibershte Fin Shtoysel
Year : 1942
Beautiful theatre song, with lyrics by Aaron Lebedeff himself and music by Sholem Secunda (page 'Composers')

Title : Far Nile Nokh Nile
Year : autour de 1942
Comic song, in which Aaron Lebedeff is accompanied by Sholom Secunda and Dave Tarras(who accomanies him since 1925 !)

Title : Gib Mir Besarabye !
Year : 1942
Song who talks about the Bessarabia , written like Roumania, Roumania. The title means "Give me Bessarabia !"

Title : Ikh bin a Border Bay Mayn Vayb
Year : 1923
This famous song is by the composer Rubin Doctor and many singers sang it, like A. Moskowitz and Feivush Finkel

Title : Ikh Bin Farlibt
Year : 1926
Comic song written by Alexander Olshanetsky, where Lebedeff is accompanied with his orchestra. It's one of the first Lebedeff's records at Brunswich Records
Title : In Ades
Year : 1927
Song from the operetta Volodka In Ades composed by Lebedeff and Olshanetzky . This songs talks about the Russian city of Odessa.

Title : Lebedik Freilakh (Odesser Hore)
Year : 1926
Song composed by Louis Gilrod et Perez Sandlerbased on a popular klezmer melody recorded in 1928 by Abe Schwartz. The song is also called Odesser Hore

Title : Mein Surele
Year : 1927
Song by Peretz Sandler or Olshanetsky. A part of the melody seems to be copied from the Yiddish song Beygelach, that Aaron Lebedeff sang but didn't recorded.

Title : Moishe Mach Es Noch Amul
Year : Avril 1924
This Sandler's song comes maybe fom the operetta Mendel In Yapan. Lebedeff is accompanied by the composer and the words are by Louis Gilrod.

Title : Odesa Mame
Year : 18 Juin 1942
Famous Odessa song, sang also by Peisach Burstein. You can have more info if you clickHERE (Wikipedia).

Title : Oi Oi Gevald Wus Hob Ich Oysgefert
Year : 1923
Song from the operetta Yankele Litwok of 1923, written by Israel Rosenberg, with Samuel Rosenstein and of course Lebedeff.

Title : Ou La La
Year : 192?
We don't know anything about this Yiddish song. The orchestra is maybe unde the direction of Friedsell, Sandler or Alexander Olshanetsky ...

Title : Peisach Zeit
Year : 1923
A song by Rubin Doctor who composed also Ikh Bin A Border Bei Mein Veyb. Lebedeff is here accompanied by Abe Schwartz and his orchestra.

Title : Oy Iz Dus A Rebezin
Year : December 1923
Comic song by Louis Gilrod, very popular around 1923 and recorded by other artists. An english-american version is also existing !

Title : Rokhl
Year : 1926
Here, Aaron Lebedeff is accompanied by Alexander Olshanetsky and his orchestra. This song has been issued at Vocalion, Brunswick and Polydor.

Title : Wie Sannen Meine Sieben Gute Juhr
Year : 1927
You can buy the fac-simile of the sheet music of this popular song of David Meyerowitz on the page 'Shop' of the website.